Client Forms

As a service to the public, we are providing numerous forms on this website. We include the following estate planning forms: Will, Declaration of Trust, Living Will Declaration/Medical Power of Attorney, and Declaration of Pre-Need Guardian. None of these forms should be used without the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney who tailors them to the needs of the individual client.

We also are providing the Federal Estate Tax Return Form and the instructions. For the vast majority of people, under current laws, no estate or inheritance taxes, state or federal, are due upon your death, due to the $11,200,000 exemption currently in effect. The taxable estate includes, in general, life insurance proceeds and retirement benefits, together with assets in your name alone. For people who, because of their financial situation, do have to be concerned about estate taxes, there are numerous techniques to minimize, or even eliminate estate taxes. We are also providing the Federal Income Tax Form for Estates and the instructions. Fred Glickman will be pleased to explain all of these forms in detail.

Estate Planning Forms

Tax Forms